Imagine you could get your audience’s attention, keep it and turn heckling to your advantage.

Learn how to pitch and deliver your message with impact. Think about the way in which you interact with your audience, not just how you appear yourself. Comedic training can be linked to client presentation. It covers structuring your message, engaging an audience, keeping their attention, pacing & timing, dealing with heckling and more.

Our coach is one of the UK’s most sought after script-editors, comedy directors and trainers – with over twenty-five years experience in the comedy business including TV, radio and film festival credits.  His coaching style is analytical, clear, warm and inspiring and VERY practical.

A unique training programme applies comedy communication techniques to public speaking contexts.From one-to-one mentoring and directing,to fully participative team sessions where you present something real from your company or business.

  • Very effective in aiding sales executives to prepare, plan and deliver pitches.
  • Break down barriers by using comedy to inspire your teams. He will also teach Set Up and Punch.
  • Focused learning building to a practical conclusion – participants present to senior colleagues in their organisation at the end of the process.
  • Specific tangible skills – participants acquire tools they can apply straight away and share with colleagues.

In this 100% practical workshop you will be equipped to:

  • Get your audience’s attention, and keep it.
  • Inspire, engage and connect
  • Prepare, plan and deliver pitches.
  • Deal with interuptions/heckling…

The session gets people working together, thinking creatively and communicating stories.