Imagine you could guarantee a positive result in a sales pitch like a Spy can convert an enemy into an ally.

Gain competitive advantage by learning practical lessons from our military intelligence officer/expert in the context of your own industry and culture.  Our coach has been responsible for the development and security of intelligence sources, designing and implementing relevant and specific crisis management and training strategies.

A skilled and resourceful trainer and facilitator with ten years experience in improving organisations’ ability to execute and deliver corporate messaging. Areas of expertise include leadership development, team dynamics, critical decision-making, problem solving, crisis management and negotiating.

When did you last thoroughly prepare and understand what was actually expected and how to achieve it?
When did you last listen to your environment?
Not just the words or the body language but actually what was going on around you.

Learn to

  • Plan, prepare and interact in any situation.
  • Build trust and relationships in a way that guarantees a positive outcome in any negotiation or situation.
  • Identify and create effective networks
  • Identify intelligence from information
  • Positively influence face to face engagements and negotiations