Imagine you could navigate office politics like a DIPLOMAT or deal with immense stress like an Olympic Athlete.

  • Deliver outstanding performance under the most extreme circumstances.
  • Deal with missed goals and frustrating results.
  • Inspire others, getting them to recognise their potential, raise their aspirations and pursue higher goals.

Every individual, team and organisation have these challenges but it is how you manage them, deal with adversity and emerge stronger from your mistakes that is key to better performance.

As a British Diplomat for the Foreign Office for 11 years, working in Bosnia and Iraq at the height of war, our coach knows how to get teams to collaborate and to focus on delivering results in the toughest circumstances. She was also an Olympic Athlete for 10 years rowing for Britain. She experienced the highs of being World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist and the lows of dealing with defeat and injuries. She shares her practical tips and strategies.

So whether you’re working to stabilise a warzone, competing in the Olympics or aiming to excel in business, the common factor for success is resilience under pressure. In this interactive session learn how to have the right mindset, build relationships and use effective behaviour to get results.

  • Learn how to respond to setbacks and produce the very best performance when it really matters.
  • Understand what resilience is and why you need it.
  • Work out how to keep raising your game.

Become a BUSINESS ATHLETE – look after yourself to ensure sustained high performance.