What can Special Forces teach us about succeeding in complex, changing times? Are our management tools up to the job or do we need to rediscover leadership from people who are leading on the frontline?

Our coach is an Oxford educated soldier who began his career in the Parachute Regiment and went on to head up the SAS and SBS.

He has over ten years’ experience working for the Cabinet Office and across Whitehall as well as the MoD creating policy and strategy at the highest levels, both nationally and globally.

He has a strong leadership record and he will teach you:

  • How to react to challenges.
  • Sharp analysis and problem solving.
  • Organisational re-design and leadership to achieve goals.

Jonathan will share with you how he has continued to build relationships through trust, compassion and comradeship. He will demonstrate how to encourage teams to go the extra mile.

 Elite Level Learning course