The power of Calm, Mindful, Influence and Authority in a noisy world.

Gravitas is the difference that makes the difference when it comes to leadership. It is the grounding force that gives you influence and authority, the ability to push back, and make an impact and it is the lifting force that gives you passion and wit, and the ability to lighten up when required.

Our coach helps busy professionals and organisations express themselves with confidence, influence and integrity in meetings, phone calls, conferences and pitches.

 Learn how to

  • Build awareness of how each individual in the team “shows up” as a speaker and what they can do vocally and physically to enhance their personal brand.
  • Build a toolkit for impact and gravitas with senior stakeholders so that the team feel confident that they can convey messages face to face really effectively.
  • Build a toolkit for influence with business partners – particularly when is comes to negotiating and being able to say no with confidence and influence when it matters.

With Gravitas, you’ll have the confidence to be entirely yourself, and the power to command trust and respect of others. Be the best you!

The Gravitas courses are available as Full day course (10am – 4pm), ½ day course  or 2 hours sessions for individuals or small groups depending on your requirements.