This course is specifically aimed at graduates. It provides training on a one-to-one or group basis in interviewing, networking, presentation skills, positive first impressions and maximising personal presence.

Our coach trained at Rose Bruford Drama School before working as an actress. Latterly she worked as an insurance broker in the city. Her background gives her a unique understanding of creating impact with an audience both on stage, in front of the camera and in a corporate environment.

This workshop will provide graduates with a toolkit to deliver compelling and clear messages to people they need to influence.

Learn how to:

  • Control and optimise body language to maximise personal presence.
  • Improve vocal impact for face to face communication
  • Combat nerves, speak up, get ideas heard and impact your audience.
  • Analyse the difference between communication that sticks, and information that gets forgotten.
  • Deliver a persuasive and memorable presentation from a clear nine step method.
 Elite Level Learning course