Actors spend three years of their lives being put through rigorous and searching exercises in order for them to understand how to use their bodies and mouths as effective communication tools.In this course we take the participants to ‘Drama school’ and use highly interactive and stimulating exercises.

Katie is a professional actress, director and acting coach. As well as acting for theatre, film and TV, she teaches at drama schools, film schools and universities, coaches for feature films and private clients and directs theatre and short films.

Learn how to:

  • Develop confidence and communication skills through examination of the self, emotions and human behaviour in order to improve performance and everyday interaction within professional or personal relationships.
  • Analyse and understand the effect that verbal and non-verbal communication has on successfully delivering a message.
  • Understand how varying tone and approach can achieve greater results in the workplace.

Confidence cannot be taught, but you can give people a solid foundation of skills in which to build their own unique style.

 Elite Level Learning course