Embedding risk management into an organisation to the extent that it reliably makes a difference is a difficult task.  Companies must ask themselves whether they have the right culture, people and processes.   An effective risk culture is one that enables and rewards individuals and groups for taking the right risks in an informed manner.

When a mistake is made in any organisation, the outcome can have a damaging effect; loss of income, profit, often leading to loss of reputation.

The aviation industry is very good at taking proactive measures to ‘prevent the crash’. Analysis from many sectors have indicated that up to 80% of accident causes can be attributed to human factors.. This means that managers need to understand the human dimension to their business – what factors enhance performance and minimise error rates. They are not new or mysterious skills but are essentially what the most successful team members do, to achieve consistently high performance, and what everyone else does on a good day.

Our coach uses proven techniques to help to protect your business and reputation. Using facilitated training sessions that are designed to be fun and provide the team with practical tools they can use effectively.  Operational risk – Cockpit to Corporate