Our coaches have worked with individuals or groups from Credit Suisse, Cabinet Office, BNP Paribas, Channel 4, Hay Group, KPMG, University College London, LinkedIn, ITV, Telefonica, Warner Bros, Ogilvy & Mather, The Mill.

UBS | Jonathan Shaw, Leadership
“Tempest worked hard at understanding the needs of the Key Talent and senior leader population of UBS Group Finance. The support culminated in an engaging, motivating and thought-provoking “call to arms” speech by Major-General Jonathan Shaw. The talk was enlightening and really emphasised the concerns of the audience, leading to a fluid, dynamic and interesting set of discussions in the bar afterwards. Tempest worked closely with myself to really understand the support needed, and made sure that the event was not-only pleasant, but also added real value for the audience. Steve Bedford and Jonathan Shaw were all actively engaged and made the event a true success.”
Ogilvy & Mather | Caroline Goyder, Communication
“Yesterday was pitched perfectly. My team felt that they came away with practical tips and advice, which is brilliant.”

“The course made you think more about how to approach a given situation to achieve the optimum results.”

“Practicing my presentation skills and becoming more natural in presenting will allow me to focus on the task at hand more.”

Telefonica | Chris Head, Communication
“More abstract than the usual training and will give us some ideas as we approach situations like this in the future.”

“I thought it was a very good session, rarely do I go to meetings and get something that I was not expecting and this was a pleasant surprise.”

“Really enjoyed today’s session: certainly a very different way of looking at presenting and engaging an audience, simple concepts which are memorable, and good fun also.”

“For me there were several takeaways but what I liked the most was the approach he took. The cross reference/ learning between comedy and business was completely relevant.”

M&C Saatchi & LIDA | Chris Head, Communication
“Chris himself was inspiring, really knew his stuff and engaged all of us (even the more reluctant among us) from the word go.

He got to know us all personally and encouraged us to build on our strengths rather than fashioning a particular style.

The buzz of actually getting up on stage was amazing and brought me closer to colleagues that I may otherwise not have gotten the chance to meet.”

The Mill | Chris Head, Communication
“A brilliant workshop, really fun and engaging. Far more relevant to what we do than I expected.”

“I thought the session was great, a really interesting way to look at presenting ourselves and work. I felt I could have sat in it for much longer and learnt a lot, whilst laughing!”

“I thought today’s class was really interesting. It was fascinating. I can definitely see myself implementing this information in the future to give my CV’s or cover letters, or emails to the client some punch!”

Warner Bros | Cath Bishop, Motivation
“Cath is ’an amazing inspirational woman’.”

“Excellent. The most inspiring 1 ½ hours I have had in many years.”

“A reminder to remain passionate about what I am doing and why I am doing it.”

“I could have happily listened to Cath speaking for a day. I feel honored to have been in the same room as someone with such an interesting and successful life in so many different fields.”

“What to look out for when coming under intense pressure.”

“It was more than I expected and very motivating.”