About Tempest

SteveBoth Directors spent 20 years as Head-hunters within Investment Banking, interviewing hundreds of people dissatisfied in their roles. We came across people who had been promoted into a management position, only to fail as they didn’t have the required communication skills. We met others who didn’t feel valued by their employers as there was no investment in their personal development.

At Tempest we understand that everyone is an individual and …

At times you will get nervous before a presentation or meeting because you’ve never been trained how to be the best you!Steve
At times you will struggle to convey your message with passion and authority!
At times you will be out of ideas as to how to motivate your team!
At times you will feel stressed and tired because work is getting on top of you.

We cannot teach confidence, however, we can arm you with the tools to be a better leader and communicator:

Our highly talented coaches come from worlds of Hostage negotiation, Military intelligence, Acting, Stand-up comedy and sport. Their life experiences are translated into training that is engaging and most importantly effective in the corporate world.